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Egypt Travel – The Latest Advice

Sunday 20th February 2011

Many travel companies are reviewing their transport services to Egypt

The enforced curfew currently in place in the country due to political protests, has recently changed causing many airlines to change their flight schedules to and from Egypt.

Many airlines have been forced to change flight schedules and cancel some services as Egypt altered its curfew amidst the political turmoil. A BMI flight, BD771, was forced to turn around to head home to Heathrow on Saturday after the Egyptian authorities changed the curfew times.

An increasing number of countries, including the US and China, are sending in planes to evacuate their citizens as the unrest continues. The Foreign Office is considering cancelling all travel to Egypt although coastal resorts such as Sharm-El-Sheikh and Hurghada are still considered safe due to their distance from the troubled cities.

Tourists and travellers are warned not to risk visiting the main cities in the country and major tourist attractions are currently inaccessible, such as the Pyramids at Giza just outside Cairo, as they have been cordoned off by the army.

A senior Conservative MP has said that the Foreign Office should stop people travelling to Egypt as some tour operators have been offering cut price deals. The unrest is not thought to end anytime soon but the Independent reports that a spokeswoman for Thomson and First Choice Holidays said: "The majority of our customers are in Sharm-El-Sheikh, which is over eight hours away from Cairo and Alexandria where the majority of the troubles are.

"Sharm el Sheikh kind of acts as its own country because of it being on the Sinai Peninsula and the agreement the Egyptians have with the Israelis. It is very much kept as a separate entity in itself.

Day trips to Cairo, Alexandria and other cities have been cancelled in the wake of the protests and many travel companies are advising their customers not to travel there if their trip is not essential.