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End of the Ski Season for an EA Ski/Snowboard Instructor Internship

Wednesday 30th March 2011

Charmine’s season run down and famous words of wisdom

Find out more about what it’s like to be on an EA Ski & Snowboard training course from one of their recent interns, Charmaine, who’s just completed her first season at Big White in Canada. You can also choose from Whistler, Banff, Big White, Revelstoke, Norquay or Lake Louise Banff in Canada, Lake Tahoe in the USA, Japan or Australia.

“The time has come for me to fly home, my season is over. My unwillingness to let winter go last year that led me to the decision to come here, is back, but alas I must go. Big White has been good to me. I have had an eventful season, but what have I done?”

• With training I can now ski, really ski! Not like the illusion in my mind before I left that I could ski…now I actually can. According to my Level 2 examiner I ripped it up.
• Needless to say I’m now a Level 2 Ski Pro with a sweet $2 pay rise, and got full time.
• I discovered the secret to teaching kids is to act like one yourself. Everyone has more fun that way and it doesn’t seem like work.
• Kids have the weirdest names like “Danger”, that’s just cruel and asking for trouble.
• Not getting work isn’t always a bad thing when you can go free skiing.
• If you know your mountain you can still score first tracks days after a powder day.
• Acclimatisation means your sweating from heat exhaustion if the temperature ever dangles close to 0 degrees.
• Numerous winter flings are a great idea until you realise it’s a ski resort where everyone knows everyone and they find out about each other.
• You should always attempt things that will probably kill you on a powder day than on hard pack, it hurts less.
• Look at the gaps between the trees, not the trees, or you hit the trees.
• Singing Queen’s “Bicycle Race” while bicycling through the trees is great entertainment for a group of 7 year olds and they soon sing it too.
• You can never hide, kids will yell your name from the chair as you ski past, in uniform or not, you can’t even hide in the toilets they find you there too.
• Tubing as awesome after a day in the sun when the tracks have slicked up with ice…you keep going off the track to the ice rink, and it never gets old.
• Ice skating is much harder than it looks, even when you get the hang of the whole standing and moving thing, there is no hope of getting the skill of hitting a puck with a stick while moving.
• Everyone will know what you did last night before you get home, and everyone will know at work before you get there.
• Don’t double eject on the cliff, you keep rolling and your skis will end up in the lake.

For more info on EA Ski and Snowboard instructor internships check out their website.