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Explore the Americas on Your Gap Year

Friday 1st October 2010

Grand American Adventures take you beyond the guide books for a real adventure

If you are planning a gap year or summer holiday to North, South or Central America, Grand American Adventures offers a wider selection of tours and more varied styles of travel than any other North American tour operator.

A sister company to TrekAmerica Travel, Grand American Adventures draws from over 37 years of experience and offers some of the finest active, outdoor holidays for people of all ages, with a full range of comfortable camping, lodging and walking tours to choose from.

Grand American Adventures are a company of travellers. With most of the team starting out as tour leaders, they know the Americas like the back of their hand. They have camped out under the stars with the Navajo of Monument Valley, hiked the Canadian Rockies’ wooded trails, rafted the mighty Colorado River and trekked the fabled Inca Trail; it has always been a passion to share these amazing experiences.

Every Grand American Adventures trip includes a variety of included and optional activities, ensuring every day is different from the last, from hiking the scenic trails to horse back riding or mountain biking, to name just a few. Your tour leader will organise the activities and fit them neatly into the tour schedule.

Grand American Adventures operate under the simple principle that, "small is beautiful". The smaller the group, the more intimate and rewarding the experience - the average group size is 12 people and travellers come from all over the world with a shared desire for an active outdoor adventure in the national parks and wilderness regions.

Grand American Adventures guarantees to take you go beyond the guidebooks and get you off the busy tourist trails, as you explore the best of North, South and Central America.