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Find the Perfect Hostel on your Gap Year

Tuesday 5th July 2011

Looking for a cheap place to stay

When you’re looking for a hostel whether you’re travelling alone, in a group or as a couple make sure you choose one that’s safe and comfortable by following these tips.

Check the price out first. Hostels are a great accommodation to use if your budget is tight. Prices will vary depending on the season and type of room. Location: Hostels can be found either in the city centre where you’ll be close to bars and restaurants (and late night noise) or in the quieter area out of town. If you’re planning to stay in one place for a significant length of time it’s better value to look for long term rented accommodation that’s payable by the month, not the night. Some hostels will hire backpackers to work in the hostel they are staying in and offer free rooms in exchange instead of wages. There are different kinds of hostels too, some can be family run places in smaller houses, while others might be owned by large chains offering lots of different facilities but are more impersonal. Check the safety aspects of the hostels you choose to stay in too. Are there two escape routes from your room? Can you open the escape doors after hours? Does the window open in your room? Are the electrical items safe too?

Hostelling is a great cheap typical backpacking way to meet loads of people doing exactly the same thing as you, and it’s not uncommon to meet travel mates for the next stage of your journey.