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Summer jobs in Ibiza recruiting now

Monday 2nd April 2012

The early bird catches the worm - or in this case, the work. Clubs and bars in Ibiza are recruiting now, so if you are serious about summer work on the white island in 2012, you better get over there.

Many people think that finding a job will be easy when they escape the clutches of the British summer and head across the continent in search of more sun, more fun and more drunken times than you can shake a stick at, but that isn’t the case. You can’t just walk into the first bar you like the look of and expect a job, it doesn’t exactly work like that (although if it does, you’ve hit the jackpot!).

There is more than just bar or restaurant work, too, and you might want to broaden your horizons a bit. Try and get in touch with a few different potential employers before you go, and be enthusiastic about it! As for the kind of job, in party destinations like Ibiza bars, clubs and restaurants will be looking for PRs (people to hand out flyers and attract punters), bar staff, dancers, kitchen staff - you name it. These kind of jobs are recruited for on the ground, ie you will need to be there to stand a chance.

You might find you are better equipped to be a summer holiday rep, and there are loads of opportunities in that field, too, with a handful of companies all seeking young, energetic people to work from April to October-time. If that doesn’t fit the bill either, you might consider being an Au Pair to a European family, and here on Gapwork we have a wide range of organisations that can help you find the ideal job in that area. 

There are always companies, hotels and bars on the lookout for fresh faces, so you don’t have to restrict your job-hunting vision to just one thing, because it’s very likely that you may have to settle for something that isn’t your first choice. When it comes to gorgeous weather in exotic European locations, you probably won’t be too picky about your job anyway. 

Take a look at our Europe destination page, as well as our European jobs page, for more information and organisations that will help you find work or a placement in Europe this year.

Ibiza Rocks are looking for hotel staff and sales assistants for summer 2012. The extremely chic and fabulous Blue Marlin in Ibiza is recruiting for bartenders, waiters and dancers right now. Other than that, online recruitment advertisements for jobs in Ibiza this year are few and far between. If you want to get in touch with potential employers, you'll need to contact them via their websites and find out what their recruitment requirements and schedules are.