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Gap Year Destination Refresh and Website Changes

Tuesday 10th July 2012

Have you noticed that we have started to refresh the content on our website?

As one of the leading gap work websites we want to make sure that you can use us as a one-stop portal to find out everything you need to know about travelling on a gap year. Over the coming months you will notice that we are adding more content and more comprehensive details about the different gap work opportunities available. This month we have added more comprehensive content to our gap year destinations section. This came about by listening to what you wanted to know about and all the information you felt was needed to help you make your mind up about which countries to travel to on a gap year.

Summary of the Changes to the Gap Year Destination Section

  • You will now find that each gap year destination has comprehensive country or city guides that give you more detail about a destination, the accommodation options available including phone numbers should you require them while travelling and important information on the emergency services.

  • Details on getting around each country such as the types of tour packages available, information about public transport and driving advice. There is also a dedicated flights page to let you know any key information such as peak and low seasons when visiting a specific country and the main international airports to use.

  • There is also practical travel advice including being safe abroad, how to keep in touch when away and money and tax advice such as how to open bank accounts in certain countries and information about a countries currency.

  • Finally, we provide you with information on either the lingo to use when in certain countries or provide you with information on customs and etiquette. This is essential reading to ensure you can integrate well with the locals and don’t make any faux pas!

We hope that this information helps you in your gap work decision. We will be constantly adding to this area and other areas over the coming months to build up the range of information available to you. And don’t forget to check out which companies can help you further with finding gap work opportunities within your chosen destination. A list of companies can be found on the majority of our web pages and these companies will only be too happy to help get you organised and ready for a gap year adventure of a lifetime!