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Gap Year Farm Work in New Zealand

Thursday 2nd September 2010

Buy a booklet listing farms offering jobs in New Zealand

If you are planning a working holiday or gap year which will include New Zealand, Farm Helpers in New Zealand(FHiNZ) sells a booklet listing about 190 farms where the farmers are willing to offer free accommodation and food to visitors in exchange for 4-6 hours work each day.

For many farms you do not need farming experience. The work depends on the type of farm you stay on, the season and your abilities. Some of the work may be off the farm eg gardening, household help or minding children. There are many different types of farms: sheep, beef, dairy, pigs, goats, deer and horses. Some are large farms and some are small hobby farms. The FHiNZ booklet costs NZ$25 (approx £10).

You can purchase a booklet online by completing a membership form on the Farm Helpers in New Zealand website, or the booklet is available from a stockist once you arrive in New Zealand.

The Farm Helpers in New Zealand website also has a condensed database of farms divided into regions so you can see the number of farms available where you plan to be staying. There is also a discussion forum where you can ask questions and share plans and experiences with fellow travellers.

Gapwork Gap Year Jobs Tips: Farm and Harvest Work in New Zealand

New Zealand’s biggest industry is agriculture so there is a great demand for seasonal workers and lots of farm and harvest jobs available to international backpackers on a gap year or working holiday. The great thing about harvest and farm work in New Zealand is that there are jobs available all year long, to a greater or lesser extent - January to March is when a lot of the fruit picking takes place; November to March is the high season for hop picking; August is when there will be vineyard work and general farm work is available mainly in the Spring (September to November). You won’t earn big bucks as a farm worker, and sometimes you may just be working for a meal and a roof over your head, but it is a great way to fund your journey around New Zealand.

For more information on working in New Zealand, visit our New Zealand Jobs section; for information on getting a work visa for New Zealand, visit our New Zealand Visa section.