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Gap Year Travel Insurance Guide

Friday 16th April 2010

Make sure you are adequately covered and find the insurance policy for your trip

We have always said here at Gapwork.com that gap year travel insurance is a must. It’s not that expensive and nothing will ruin a gap year or career break faster than getting stuck with a huge medical bill or not being able to replace lost items at some point during your trip.  Luckily, Travel Insurance Guide.org.uk is an impartial, comprehensive and user friendly guide to the options you have - a price comparison website for travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Guide.org.uk covers every one of the 79 travel insurance providers in the UK giving you access to search over 1680 policies.  That’s a lot of policies, but the website simplifies things for you by allowing you to input your needs and search for either the "cheapest" or the "best" policy. The search will help you find specialist policies, such as backpacker or winter sports cover; or standard single trip and annual cover, there is also an option to search for over 65’s policies.

Travel Insurance Guide is not just a search engine though, there are useful sections to help you including: a guide to insurance policy types; top ten tips when buying travel insurance; latest travel insurance news and a travel checklist - all well worth checking out.