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Gap Year Travellers Head to Greece for Bargain Prices

Friday 15th July 2011

Financial crisis in some countries good for tourism

Greece has experienced an unexpected benefit from the troubled finances of the country, a big increase in the number of British travellers heading there in search of bargains. Yesterday, the Office of National Statistics reported that the number of British visitors to Greece increased by two-thirds compared with the same period last year. Other countries also affected by economic woes and bailed out by funds from the EU and IMF is Ireland and Portugal. The ONS said that 52,000 British tourists visited Greece in the first three months of this year and that trend is set to continue and rise throughout the summer months.

The official figures also confirm that the resorts and historical sites of Egypt and Tunisia were abandoned by British tourists this year. The number of visits to Egypt and Tunisia nearly halved, from 202,000 to 115,000 and from 59,000 to 31,000 respectively. British gap year travellers as well as holiday makers looking for bargain prices could save a great deal of their holiday cash deciding to head to Greece or Portugal for their gap year breaks.