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Gap Year Visas & Passports – Get the Latest Advice

Thursday 28th May 2009

Make sure you have the correct paper work for your gap year travel

Make sure you have the correct paper work for your gap year travel

While you are planning your gap year abroad make sure you have a note right at the top of the list for checking your passport is current and that you have applied for the correct gap year visas for the countries that you are travelling to.

The Foreign Office issues the most up to date advice on visas and passport regulations as well as travel advice for countries around the world, especially if there is civil unrest, or natural disasters, affecting the area. You can check all this information on the Foreign Office’s website at www.fco.gov.uk

Some countries have an immigration requirement for passports, so check that your own won’t run out too soon once you’ve entered the country. Each country may have different regulations so remember to bear that in mind when you’re planning your trip.

For passport advice you can call 0300 222 0000, and for immigration advice you can check individual country pages on the FCO’s website. You can now also follow the Foreign Office on Twitter to keep up with the latest travel advice.

There is current advice for travellers heading abroad to Greece, music festivals out of the UK, and air travel information due to the volcanic ash cloud over New Zealand, Australia, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, plus a list of countries to avoid completely due to violence and unrest.