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Gap Years and Increased Fees: The Leap on the Radio

Monday 1st August 2011

Gap year travel options improve despite university fee rises

The Leap, a gap year specialist, was interviewed by Mark O’Donnell for BBC radio about the effect of increased tuition fees on gap years. Students across the land are clamouring to apply for a University place before the costs go up in 2012 but The Leap has some great advice for those worried about missing the opportunity to travel.

Firstly, there are masses of opportunities to take The Leap and travel overseas during your summer break. Even if you’re planning to go straight to university you can still take advantage of your three month summer holiday in 2011 and three month’s free every summer for the next two years

The Leap has some fantastic 6 week Summer Team projects departing in July to Africa, Asia and South America which will allow you to squeeze the experience of a gap year into your hols. There’s been a big surge in applications for Leap trips in July 2011 so book now to avoid disappointment.

Secondly, there is the option of taking a gap year after university. In future many more graduates will choose to take The Leap once they have their degree under the belt. Not only will these graduates have missed out on a gap year first time around but they’ll have the benefit of not needing to pay back a penny of their student loan until they’re earning at least (21K). There’s also the urgent need to prepare for work with skills for a highly competitive, recession-hit jobs market. Many employers have commented that the experience of taking a ’constructive’ gap year; planning independent travels, volunteering overseas and adapting to foreign environments generates candidates much better prepared for the work place.

Finally not everyone hoping to get to University in 2011 will be lucky enough to win a place at their chosen institution. Many of you will be forced to take a gap year next year by default, whist you re-group and reapply for 2012. You must have a gap year back-up plan.

Check out The Leap’s great gap year opportunities on their website today!