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Get Help with Your Career Break

Wednesday 8th April 2009

Vision Beyond Borders matches your skills to a suitable sabbatical placement

Vision Beyond Borders are looking for career break travellers and those interested in taking a sabbatical, over the age of 25, to put their skills to good use in developing countries.  Their mission is to recruit and support skilled professionals to take bespoke sabbaticals in developing countries and emerging markets. Programs are tailored to the transferrable skills of each volunteer and the requirements of potential partners (Non Governmental Organisations and local businesses) to ensure sustainable and high-impact outcomes.

Vision Beyond Borders work closely with volunteers to ensure a planned sabbatical or career break is right for them and that a suitable placement is found to match the individuals skills.  The partners volunteers are matched with could be micro-finance schemes, grass roots community organisations, street child centres, conservation projects, schools (non-teaching roles), orphanages, womens rights organisations or co-operatives.

The fee you pay includes this matching process, pre-trip advice and support, a job pack, tailored handbooks, 24hr support line, regular tailored support calls and emails, career support on your return and much more.

Taking a Vision Beyond Borders sabbatical will be a life-changing experience. It will increase self-confidence, awareness and understanding of other cultures. You will learn and develop your interpersonal skills and communication. You will make new friends from many different walks of life who will open your mind to countless new experiences. It is likely that you will become more creative, resourceful, flexible and adaptable. And when you return home, no doubt you will find life back in the West more of a blessing than ever. You will be fulfilled and emotionally rewarded by the impact that you have had and the difference that you have made to a deserving cause.