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Get paid to work in Spain this summer and be on TV

Monday 11th June 2012

Ever fancied bring on a reality TV show, living in Spain for the summer and getting paid to work as a holiday rep or bar staff? Whether you have just finished university, are a seasoned rep or just want to try something different this summer, TwoFour Broadcast, a London based TV production company, are looking for outgoing individuals with loads of personality to appear in their new reality TV show about working the season in Spain as a holiday rep or bar staff. You need to be aged 18 and over, be motivated and energetic, and have the confidence to deal with holidaymakers, customers, party animals and your fellow workers whilst being filmed by TwoFour. You also need to be prepared to graft, as anyone who has worked a summer season in Spain will know. No timewasters please! You need to have the commitment to last the season and appear in the TV show.

The great thing about this opportunity is that you will get paid, and work in a real hotel in a popular resort, so you don't need to worry about running out of money or finding accommodation. It could also make for a great opportunity to see how the world of TV production works, and if you are cut out for a career on the box, something that many media grads or journalism students would kill for. 

If you're not sure about working as a rep or in a hotel bar for the summer, check out our holiday and resort jobs page, where you can find useful information about working in Spain, and finding holiday jobs. 

To request an application form for the TV show opportunity and for further information please contact holidaystaff@twofour.co.uk with your name, age and contact details before midnight at June 28th 2012.