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Get Your Teaching Qualification in Istanbul

Friday 22nd October 2010

Teach International are offering a unique opportunity to get a TESOL and visit Gallipoli

Since 1915 Australia, New Zealand and Turkey have been linked by the events of Gallipoli. Every April 25th the three countries remember the fallen and stand together "lest we forget".

This Anzac Day, Teach International students will be making the pilgrimage to the site of Gallipoli at the conclusion of the TESOL course that is running in Istanbul from April 6th - 23rd.

Academic Manager and trainer on the course, Warwick Thorn, said that the dates were chosen to give students the opportunity to participate in ceremonies of Anzac Day…an experience most of us will never have.

Istanbul symbolises splendour, magnificence and grandeur - this ancient city is the cultural heart of Turkey. There is much which remains to be discovered in Istanbul and you cannot fully know it until you become a part of it, mingle with its crowds and get lost in its winding streets. Embrace its history, its culture, its civilisation and its treasures.

The course will be a fun learning experience, surrounded by like-minded adventurers, where you will complete your TESOL training in a non-English speaking country and teach real classes to real students.  Teach Internationals highly skilled trainers, who have lived and worked overseas for a number of years, will be there to assist you every step of the way.

So join Teach International in Istanbul, get your teaching English qualification, visit Gallipoli and learn more about Anzac day.