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Getting a Job in New York City

Thursday 2nd December 2010

HostelBookers tips on how to find work in NYC

If you want to go to NYC to get a job there are a few factors to consider first. New York City jobs can be hard to come by – you’ll need determination, some reserve cash and a positive attitude. You’ll also need a hostel in New York while you’re sorting something permanent. Working in NYC is a life-changing experience and will look great on your CV for future employers, but just remember these five key tips.

1. Get the right visa

You need a visa to work in the Big Apple – requirements vary depending on what country you’re from. You can’t get a job anywhere in New York, including restaurants, bars, shops or food outlets, without valid visa papers.

2.    Go with savings

It could take some time to get a job and accommodation sorted and you’ll need a good deposit to put down on a room. Obviously, you’ll need money for food and to pay for a hostel at the beginning. Always make sure you have enough money to get home in case things don’t go as planned.

3.    Do your research

Where should you be targeting? What places would employ someone with your skills? Where do you want to work? The more research you do before you get out there, the more likely you are to be successful in your job search in New York City. Send out some CVs before you even arrive highlighting your skills that are relevant to the job advertised – this is also a good way to test the water before you invest in a flight.

4.    Be realistic

It’s not going to be easy – you need to grow a thick skin. You’re in one of the most populated cities in the world, and every job has serious competition. It’s unlikely you’ll go to NYC and head up an international company, get spotted as a model or chef a Michelin-starred kitchen. You should go with a few back up plans and be prepared to start at the bottom.

5.    Free things to do

Make sure you know of a few free things to do in New York while you’re waiting for interviews. It can also be useful to find somewhere you can amend your CVs and find job opportunities.