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Graduates Step Out of the Jungle Into a Job

Wednesday 14th July 2010

With an average of 69 applications for every graduate job, joining a Raleigh expedition could help make difference

The youth and education charity, Raleigh, which runs leadership and volunteering expeditions for 17-24 year olds, has seen an increase of 63% versus last year in the number of graduates fundraising to join an overseas expedition.  

With entrepreneurs such as Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, endorsing a Raleigh expedition and recent graduates on Raleigh’s Graduate Bursary Award securing highly-sought after graduate jobs soon after returning from expedition, Raleigh has witnessed an unprecedented level of graduates investing in their future by applying to its expeditions.

“If you’ve done Raleigh, you’ve actually acquired and honed a lot of the skills that you need in the workplace, in terms of leadership, management, project delivery... it’s a pretty phenomenal thing.”  Richard Reed, Co-founder, Innocent Drinks

Raleigh’s unique approach to experiential learning takes participants out of their comfort zone into an unfamiliar environment and places them in diverse groups of different nationalities and backgrounds to work on community and environmental projects with local project partners over an intense ten-week period. The graduate’s learning is facilitated through peer-to-peer reviews, mentor reviews, self-reflection exercises and day leader systems.
Nicholas Oldroyd graduated with a degree in architecture in June 2009 and applied for over 40 architectural jobs, unsuccessfully. Three months after returning from a Raleigh expedition he was offered a position with Foster + Partners. “As important as they are on expedition, skills such as survival, medical and radio weren’t the most important lessons that Raleigh taught me. It was actually the frame of mind, my sense of purpose and achievement and my attitude that anything is possible – that is what has really helped. Working together with people of all nationalities and knowing that your limit is always that little further in front was a great experience”.
With an average of 69 graduates applying for every graduate job, those joining a Raleigh expedition are developing soft skills, a global outlook and a can-do attitude, all of which are key to attracting future employers.

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