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Taking a gap year out can be a boost for your CV

Saturday 3rd October 2009

If you’re just finishing your last exams and have been put off applying for university or college by the introduction of high fees, consider taking a gap year out to reconcile your future plans. As a fantastic alternative to college life, a gap year volunteering or backpacking around the world can be a life-changing and enhancing experience. It can give you first hand knowledge of countries you may never have the time to visit again once you’ve settled into your first proper job, or started a three year degree course. The diverse cultures, languages and travel experiences can help to boost your confidence as well as add worthwhile real-world skills to your CV too, always a useful extra addition to impress a prospective employer when you’re job hunting later on.

There are plenty of companies who specialise in organising gap year travel for young people. Whether you want a round the world ticket, or a specific volunteering job related to your planned degree subject, or simply a chance to improve your work skills with a gap year Australia itinerary, gap year specialists can point you in the right direction. Travel experts can arrange a volunteering gap year in South Africa for you, or why not volunteer in Cambodia, you can even opt for a winter gap year working holiday in Canada or a summer job in Costa Rica. The possibilities are endless. Trainee teachers may find a travel and teach in China or Cambodia course the perfect addition to their CV, especially as part of local community development programmes. Or you can sign up to one of hundreds of work abroad programmes in Australia and New Zealand which will take you to the farthest reaches of the earth and offer you the chance to live, work, travel or volunteer abroad for up to a year. Experience exciting activities, the many natural wonders of the world, alternative cultures and languages and take advantage of many amazing opportunities to enhance your life skills before you go to college by taking a gap year out.

Take a look at the companies advertising on Gapwork.com, they each offer a wide range of specific gap year travel options as well as being experts in volunteering jobs, teaching abroad, internships or just simply adventure travel and backpacking trips. You’re bound to find a trip to suit your needs.