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Hospitality Internship in China's Top Resort

Thursday 8th December 2011

At Gapwork.com we pride ourselves on our links with some really amazing organisations, offering fantastic gap year opportunities. One of the latest projects to appear on our site is the chance to travel to China, study Mandarin Chinese for 10 weeks, then start a 3 month long internship at a five star hotel in Sanya, Southern Hainan. While you are at the hotel, you will have the chance to work in many areas of the hospitality industry, and get to know this area of China, which features gorgeous beaches, tropical rainforests and crystal clear seas. Hainan is China's number one holiday destination for locals, a beautiful island which is on the same latitude as Hawaii, and is known as "the Hawaii of China".

Not only do you get to go on a decent length internship, you also study Mandarin Chinese for 10 weeks, so you will have some understanding of the language when you start your work placement. Everybody knows that China is the world's fastest growing economy, and if you want to improve your chances of finding work in internationally competitive industries, speaking Mandarin and having work experience in China will mark you out as a cut above other jobseekers.

For more information about this fantastic opportunity, check out the Hainan-SWT page on Gapwork.com  

Chinese family on beach in Hainan