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Hostels by Landmark in Washington DC

Wednesday 9th March 2011

A roundup of the best hostels to stay at in the Washington area

Washington is 68.3 square miles (177 km2), whether that’s big or small in your eyes, city congestion can make getting across town a mission. Of course, there’s a fully developed and competent transport network, but why not stay near your landmark of choice to make the most of it during your stay at a Washington hostel.

Best for Anacostia Park
Simpkins’/Hostel Capitol City
Sprawling 1200 acres, Washington DCs Anacostia Park is a hive of recreational activity. With aquatic gardens, river boating, a golf course, Kenilworth Marsh and the pavilion – which has over 3300 square feet for you to explore on roller skates – you could entertain yourself for days amid the greenery. The park may as well be Hostel Capitol City’s garden given the vicinity, so if you’re looking for a bunk in a greener part of town, this is your one.

Best for the White House, the Kennedy Centre, the Smithsonian Art Gallery and the Lincoln Memorial
Hostelling International-Washington DC
Just eight blocks from The White House, and as close as you’re going to get without running for President, Hostelling International is a great base for exploring the revered grounds. It’s also dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility and monitors all its damaging output. The central location means you’re in easy reach of all the main sites and amenity districts, who knows, you might even see Obama mowing his lawn.

Best for the National Zoo
Washington International Student Centre
Wake up to the sound of bears growling, lions roaring and pandas chomping bamboo, it’s sure to beat the rustling of plastic bags and fellow roomies’ lockers banging. Shame it’s not true. You might not be able to hear them, but you can definitely pay your new neighbours a visit at the Washington National Zoo. When you’re done with the caged animals it’s time to party with the free ones – you’re in the perfect location for the area’s numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.

Best for Rock Creek Park

Hilltop Hostel
A haven for outdoor lovers, Rock Creek Park has everything you could wish for. It’s twice the size of New York’s Central Park, making it an excellent place to practice your golf swing, ride a horse, play tennis in the purpose-built stadium, embrace nature at the planetarium and enjoy a picnic in the sun. The award-winning Hilltop Hostel is located in a converted Victorian Hotel, just a ten-minute metro ride out of the city and close to the park. With hammocks for lounging in the sun and restaurant and shop-style civilisation just across the street, who could ask for anything more?