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Hotel and Catering Jobs Abroad

Thursday 7th May 2009

Ancer Recruitment are specialists in hotel and catering jobs and placements

Ancer Recruitment are specialists in Hotel and Catering jobs abroad and have international placements in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Working with international partners, Ancer Recruitment offer a range of Work, Study, and Learning experiences.  These include: a Summer Work Travel programme which helps students (18 to 30) get temporary jobs in the USA, a H2B programme which is geared towards gap year and career break travellers looking for a job for between 6 and 36 months; and Internships for Hospitality or similar graduates looking for placements of 1 to 2 years.

Ancer Recruitment will organise everything you need to work or study internationally, including help with organising a visa, assistance with accommodation plus orientation and support for you when in the country. To apply visit their website and fill out an application form.

Gapwork Summer Holiday Jobs Tips: Apply Early!

The earlier you can get to your chosen resort to look for that summer holiday job, the more likely it is you will find work. It is probably best to book yourself a few weeks accommodation in a resort whilst you look for work - and bear in mind that, unless you are happy handing out leaflets, jobs may not be that easy to come by. The holiday season in most European Summer Holiday Resorts starts in May. August is obviously many European holiday resorts most popular month, when  you can expect accommodation to be fully booked, and, if you have only just started looking for work, jobs to be few and far between! So, for summer holiday work  get there early or start looking for a job online now! 

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