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How Easy Is It To Take A Career Break?

Wednesday 29th August 2012

Career Breaks Can Be RewardingIf you are in full-time employment and want to experience a gap year then it can be difficult to decide whether to take a career break to do a gap job abroad or volunteer. Not only that but you may be wondering whether it is possible to do so and how easy is it to have a break?

The decision to take a career break is not easy and there are some key points that you will need to consider before you take a break. However, there is one main question you will need to ask yourself:

Is it easy to remove myself from my job or am I at a natural place to take a career break?

This question can often determine whether you can easily take a career break or not. If you decide to take a break then you will need to realise that this will probably mean you will need to resign from your place of work.

Once you have decided to take a career break the questions and decisions don’t stop there! There are a whole range of other points that need to be considered such as your personal circumstances and finances. For example, is it feasible that you can take a career break and can you afford to do this? You also need to consider the impact on your friends and family members. If you have a family or are in a relationship it may not be as easy to go travelling as you would wish.

However, you will need to remain positive when making this decision and if you decide to take the leap then make sure that you have enough money to back your decision to pay for any outstanding and continual costs you will have in the UK. However, you need to remember that this decision won’t harm your career, it can only enhance it as you are going to have new adventures and gap work experiences to add to your CV.

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