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How To Sell A Gap Year To Your Parents

Thursday 6th September 2012

3 Reasons To Take A Gap Year

Convince Your Parents

So you have decided that you want to take a gap year but you think that you will need to convince your parents that it is a good idea to let you take one. Well, don’t worry as help is at hand as we give you three top reasons why you should take a gap year. Just tell these to your parents and we can’t see why they won’t be encouraging you to take the leap and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

1) It’s cheaper than living at home!

All parents joke about the amount it costs them to support us when we are at home, so if you take a gap year they won’t need to support you anymore! If they then start to worry about the debts you will accumulate on your travels then they need not worry. On a gap year it is great to get a gap year job as this lets you experience a different way of life and working. Therefore, you will be earning money when you travel. So, let your parents know and they are sure to be impressed with your new worth ethic! And remember that travelling doesn’t have to be expensive if you travel to gap year destinations in Africa and Asia as well as deciding that you aren’t going to blow your money on expensive hotels to stay in!

2) The economy is still not recovering

We have just gone into a double-dip recession which means that it is harder to get jobs and for some families they are struggling to survive. If you are a graduate then it is the ideal time to go travelling as it will be hard to find the type of employment that you will want to do. So, let your parents know this and get them to understand that by experiencing life abroad you will only be enhancing your CV and employability when the economy gets back on track.

3) You will learn about yourself

One of the best experiences you will hear from backpackers is that you learn a lot about yourself on a gap year and how you cope in different situations which makes you a more grounded individual. Your parents will want a child that they can be proud of so let them know that taking this year out will give you an insight into you and how you cope and adapt to different situations. This will enhance you as a human being and show you how to deal with what life throws at you from stress to everyday life in general!

If you can’t convince your parents with these three arguments then you will never win! But you just need to let them know that life is short and we all need to enjoy ourselves and we are sure that they will understand!

And don’t forget Gapwork.com when planning your gap year adventure we have a guide on gap year destinations as well as the different gap year jobs that are available; and of course, don’t forget the plan your gap year section which gives you useful advice and tips on planning your gap year.