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22nd November 2011 Travellers Guide to Venice on a Budget

Arguably Europe's most spectacular city, Venice should be on everyone's "Must see" list. But can you see it on a backpackers budget?

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21st November 2011 Oasis Overland

Exploring the Silk Road with Oasis Overland and a Film Crew

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17th November 2011 When Piranhas Attack!

How to defend yourself from Piranha attack

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15th November 2011 The Best Christmas Jobs for Travellers

Christmas needn't just be about spend, spend, spend - apply for seasonal work and you could make Christmas work for you

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14th November 2011 Get your RSA certificate online and find hospitality work in Australia

If you want to work in a bar, restaurant or hotel in Australia, you will need an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate.

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11th November 2011 What the British Consulate abroad can do for you

...And what they most definitely can't!

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8th November 2011 Aussie Blokes Brand Bums By Bonfire

Now there's a headline you don't see everyday...

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