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Industry News: British Tourists Vote Themselves World’s Worst Tourists

Thursday 16th June 2011

Brits are the worst tourists in the world, according to the Brits

The reputation of ’Brits abroad’ has never been one to be proud of, but a new survey from flights comparison site Skyscanner has revealed that the British really are the worst type of tourist.

The Brits cleaned up in nearly every category including ’not attempting to learn any local language’, ’being drunk and disorderly’ and ’not trying the local food and drink’. The British lack of generosity when it comes to tipping was also noted.

But far from being a foreign attack on Brits, British people voted themselves as the worst tourists, with the UK poll receiving over 1000 votes.

The only area where the Brits were beaten was when it came to ’being rude’; it was perhaps the well-known British reserve that spared them here as the gold medal in this category went to the Russians, with the Germans and Americans in second and third place.

At the opposite end of the scale, world’s best tourists are more evenly split between different nations. The Scandinavians were voted the best at attempting the local lingo; the Japanese are considered as most polite and well behaved. Australians are the best at embracing the local food and drink, whilst it was the tip-happy Americans who clinch the prize for best tippers.

Sam Baldwin, Travel Editor commented:
“The vast majority of British travellers are well-behaved while abroad, and do try to embrace aspects of the local culture, customs and language. But it seems that the stereotype of the loud, lairy, drunken Brit, sunburned and stumbling from bar to bar in Spain, remains the way we perceive some of our fellow countrymen to behave while on holiday.”