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ISCE Receives Support of Youth Charity BSES

Friday 11th February 2011

BSES sponsor map of Antarctica

The International Scott Centenary Expedition (ISCE) is extremely pleased to announce the support of BSES Expeditions, who have taken a place on the Scott Memorial Map (www.scottmemorialmap.co.uk). The businesses and supporters of the ISCE who are sponsoring this map of Antarctica are part of a public spirited tribute to one of the greatest explorers in history.

In the 100 years since Captain Scott’s Polar research, the study of Polar Science has become increasingly important. With 2012 marking the centenary of the deaths of Scott and the Polar Party, there is no better time to remember the enormous contribution made by Scott’s expeditions in advancing polar research and our understanding of the environment.

In January 2012, the ISCE is heading to Scott’s final campsite in Antarctica. The expedition involves a sledging team who will make the arduous journey to Captain Scott’s final resting place, where relatives from all five families of Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition (1910-1913) will fly in to be part of a memorial service for the nation.

The principal aims of the ISCE expedition are to teach and inspire children and their communities on a global level about Polar Science, Exploration and Captain Scott. By encouraging the exploration and understanding of the Polar Regions, the ISCE is extending students’ knowledge and global awareness to areas that may otherwise be overlooked.

BSES Expeditions (British Schools Exploring Society) has a particularly special connection with the roots of the ISCE. Based at the Royal Geographical Society, the charity was founded in 1932 by a member of Captain Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition. BSES Expeditions is a youth development charity that organises challenging scientific expeditions to remote, wild environments, from the heights of the Himalayas to the heat of the Arabian desert, and from the valleys and glaciers of the Arctic to the lakes and rivers of the Amazon. These projects are designed to teach the young people about the environment, culture and wildlife, whilst delivering essential scientific research results. Led by experts from many different backgrounds, all the expeditions aim to help in the development of young people through the challenge of living and working in very remote parts of the world.

BSES Expeditions develops the confidence, teamwork, leadership and spirit of adventure and exploration of its Young Explorers. It is precisely this ’spirit of adventure’ that the ISCE is encouraging amongst young people. Like BSES, the ISCE not only educates young people about the world around them, but also inspires them, and helps to raise their self-confidence and aspirations for the future. Throughout the coming year, a selection of BSES projects will be featured alongside the International Scott Centenary Expedition, on the Education Through Expeditions website, which will enable students to share their exciting experiences with their peers and encourage people to begin their own path of exploration.

For more information visit the BSES website.