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Join a Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Monday 29th June 2009

The Turtle Foundation needs volunteers in Boavista, Cape Verde

The Turtle Foundation is an international charitable organization with a dedicated volunteer effort operating important protection projects in Cape Verde and in Indonesia. In order to continue its successful work the foundation is seeking highly motivated volunteers that would like to participate in their sea turtle conservation project on Boavista Island, Cape Verde.

With support from the local military and the participation of international volunteers, Turtle Foundation is implementing patrols on the beaches of Boavista Island to protect the female Loggerhead turtles from being brutally killed by poachers as they come ashore to nest. They also educate school children and the community about sea turtle biology, organize beach clean-ups, help train local guides to take tourists on sea turtle walks, and promote solutions to benefit both the turtles and the local community.

There are two ways you can get involved:

Interns, minimum 6 weeks
Turtle Foundation offers the opportunity to students or recent graduates to participate in our projects as Interns. In this position, interns will have added responsibility in all aspects of conservation and research work, and will work closely with the Camp Coordinators. Interns also have the possibility to develop a project thesis if needed, with the support of our team of biologists in Boavista.

Volunteers, minimum 2 weeks
Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply for the position of a conservation volunteer as long as he/she meets the requirements described on the Turtle Foundation website.

General duties for participants (Interns and Volunteers) in the project include beach cleaning; nightly beach patrols and education & awareness projects.