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Join Conservation Efforts in South Africa

Thursday 12th November 2009

Volunteers help a baby giraffe at Khulula Wild Care, an African Conservation Experience project

Duke, a baby giraffe came to Khulula Wild Care at just a few hours old. Found on a neighbouring farm, he was abandoned by his mother, who has unfortunately abandoned a number of young in the past.

Volunteers are currently caring for Duke 24 hours a day, and managing his drip. He is currently not eating willingly and is very sick. Young giraffe are one of the most challenging of all wild African mammals to hand raise, particularly at such a young age.

Volunteering at Khulula Wild Care, you will be at the heart of a new facility focussed on the care and conservation of wild animals, ensuring they continue to proudly roam through Africa’s majestic landscapes.

As a volunteer you will concentrate on hand rearing, infant care and nutrition of varied species on a stunning game reserve and nature estate home to giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu, baboons and monkeys.

Khulula Wild Care is situated on a beautiful game reserve and nature estate, based on the banks of the Creek, Noord-Kaap and Queens River of Mpumalanga. With vast experience in the care and conservation of wild animals, you will work alongside an experienced Coordinator and her team, caring for wildlife of all species and sizes. Khulula Wild Care allows you to learn in depth about hand rearing and infant care, species nutrition and work closely with a diverse range of species while living on a stunning nature reserve in the heart of the South African bush.

Khulula Wild Care’s mission is to care for wildlife of all forms and sizes to help ensure the continuation of the species. You are directly involved in the continuing development of the wildlife care facility, which without volunteers would not be possible.

African Conservation Experience has been sending volunteers to Africa for over a decade and is the original, most experienced organisation for conservation placements in Southern Africa.