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Kick Start Your Medical Career

Saturday 27th November 2010

A gap year with Gap Medics is an unbeatable start to your medical career

A gap year with Gap Medics is an unbeatable start to your medical career

A gap year or time spent on medical work experience can really make a difference to your time studying medicine at university, not only does it look good on your application and medical school interviews, it also gives you a head start in your pre-clinical years.

For those that want to stand ahead of the competition, a medical gap year with Gap Medics offers the safest and greatest opportunity to explore the world of medicine, providing a unique experience whilst at the same time offering the experience of a lifetime.

Gap Medics are the only UK company to specialise in medical gap year placements and offer placements in Namibia, Nepal and Tanzania.  They specialise in clinical experiences, offering 24/7 support both in the UK and overseas, as well as intensive pre-placement training and limited positions. Gap Medics give you an opportunity to get real medical experience and learn about healthcare in the developing world. You will witness a wide variety of clinical cases and perhaps most importantly see what it feels like to work in a medical environment.

As the sister company of Work the World, a leading provider in the UK of healthcare electives and professional placements overseas, the team have over five years experience placing students. Gap Medics take pride in the strong partnerships they have developed with universities, overseas hospitals and clinics, government authorities and NGOs and follow a strict ethical policy that supports sustainable ventures overseas, employs local staff and financially supports the hospitals and supervisors they work with.

Many universities feel that students who take time out to travel, earn money or get experience, are often more mature than school leavers, it makes sense to combine gap year fun with the chance to stand out from the crowd with a Gap Medics placement.