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Land the Job of your Dreams Through Volunteering

Tuesday 22nd March 2011

The Mirror has published a case study on the advantages of volunteering to gain work experience

Louise Purvis, 23, got her dream job in the movie industry working with A-list stars like Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter by volunteering after she’d completed her degree in Digital Screen Arts. She immediately decide to volunteer, instead of waiting around for the right opportunity to arise. Laura started working with the Wisdom Trust, which supports more than 500 charities and good causes.

“I was able to help The Wisdom Trust to develop its presence on the internet and to make use of Twitter and Facebook,” says Louise, who comes from New Addington, in Surrey.

Louise’s initiative led to her gaining work experience with a couple of film production companies before landing her dream job five months ago with LipSync, a post-production company based in London’s West End. Working as a runner she now looks after actors such as Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter and Bill Nighy.