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Last Minute Deal for Peru Amazon Conservation!

Wednesday 16th March 2011

Save 25% on a trip to the Amazon rainforest

PoD, the volunteering and conservation organisation, are currently offering 25% off four, six and eight, week programmes starting April 24th! If you’re always wanted to experience conservation projects in the Amazon, the Manu Biosphere Reserve is home to some amazing research and conservation projects in the rainforest.

Based at the jungle research and conservation centre on the Madre de Dios River in the Amazon jungle, the centre is leading the field in combining research with conservation and local community development. Work at the centre is closely tied in with supporting the local community and volunteers will not only be involved with scientific research programmes in the rainforest but also with community development programmes close to the centre. The longer the project timescale, the more volunteers will become involved in the on-going work of the jungle centre. The main focus will be volunteering on the sustainability projects such as the bio-garden and reforestation.

Make a difference at the PoD jungle conservation centre and get involved in one of the fantastic projects. They include:

•    Fauna - wildlife monitoring and capacity building programme
•    Mapping - using GPS to map the area and record areas of special interest
•    Water purification - using local plants and biomass to filter and cleanse water
•    Carbon initiative - offsetting greenhouse emissions through forest regeneration
•    Reforestation - planting new forest to provide renewable commercial timber
•    Education - educating local children in rainforest and sustainable development practices
•    Field guide - producing an illustrated educational tool
•    Night monkeys - studying the habits of the night monkey
•    Jungle exploration - maintaining and expanding the trail system and exploring the area

Find out more about this volunteer program offered by PoD by visiting their website.