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Latest Travel News from the Flood Stricken Area of Queensland

Thursday 30th December 2010

Visitors and travellers through the area should check their transport details before departing

The Brisbane River is now receding and was expected to fall to around 3.2m by early on Friday. Although the peak level was a metre lower than was feared the devastated area is now facing a massive clean up operation. It peaked at 4.46m (14.6ft) just before 0530 (1930 GMT Wednesday), short of the 5.4m (17.7ft) in the 1974 floods.
Brisbane Mayor Campbell Newman said 11,900 homes and 2,500 businesses had been completely flooded, with 14,700 houses and 2,500 businesses partially submerged.

Milton resident Brenton Ward reached his home in the suburbs by rowing boat.

"We have water to the waist in the living room. We have to check the amount of damage - probably (the) electricity has to be all rebuilt," he said.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said: "We’ve seen scenes of unbelievable devastation and destruction: entire suburbs where only rooftops can be glimpsed, whole big workplaces... are completely under water."

She added that industrial parks and railway stations were under water, and bridges and roads closed. "What I’m seeing looks more like a war zone in some places," she told a news conference.

Advice to travellers either already in the area, or planning to go, is to check public transport and local news for safety advice.