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Learn a New Skill to Find a Gap Year Job

Friday 15th October 2010

Base Camp sport instructor courses open up a world of opportunity

Become a ski or snowboard instructor, take your surfing to the next level, or gain worldwide scubadiving certifications.

Whether on a gap year or a career break, Base Camp offer a range of courses in Canada, France, Switzerland, Argentina, the UK, Spain and Egypt. Whatever your passion, visit their website now and start your adventure!

You could be looking to develop the skills required to become an instructor and find work in a winter ski resort or a summer holiday resort, or you could simply want to break from your routine and spend some time learning more about the sport you are passionate about – either way, Base Camp can help.

Known for their exclusive and pioneering training methods and strong links with world-class coaches, Base Camp can deliver more than just an adrenaline rush. They give you a highly professional training programme, designed to offer you the maximum from your chosen sport and the chance to train in some of the most spectacular locations in the world.

Base Camp offer courses in a variety of sports - including skiing, snowboarding, scubadiving, kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, paramotoring, skydiving and mountain biking - with highly qualified, specialist instructors enlisted on every course to help you gain your internationally recognised qualification.

And while the training aspect of your course is crucial, Base Camp is also about having a lot of fun too – both during and after training. Enjoy taking part in exciting trips and activities, then recharge your batteries in your clean, comfortable and central accommodation, and once your energy returns – venture out into the resort for some serious partying!

And once your course is over, Base Camp even help you to find a job – fast!

Gapwork Gap Year Tips: A Sporting Gap Year

Including sport in your gap year is a great way to have fun, do something you really enjoy, help other people and even improve your own skills.  It can give you confidence and new qualifications that can enhance your CV and change your life.  If you have a talent at a particular sport or want to try something new, taking some or all of your gap year to develop your skills will always go down well in an interview, especially if you can demonstrate transferable skills or time spent giving something back through the sport.  Whether you are into football, rugby or cricket, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, or water sports like surfing and scuba diving if you reckon you have got the skills that you could share with other people then use your gap year to get professional recognition and then earn money or volunteer as a coach.  To find out more about taking a Sporting Gap Year, check out our Sports section.