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Learn How To Be Work Wise On A Gap Year

Monday 16th July 2012

Press Release from Gapwork.com

As foreign student workers and those with working holiday visas flock to the UK ahead of the London Olympic Games, the Taiwanese government has warned its citizens to be work wise and avoid falling pray to working holiday scams in a timely reminder for safe gap year travel.

With millions of youngsters preparing to embark on a year abroad or working holiday, Gapwork.com, the website which provides information for students planning a gap year as well as job and voluntary scheme vacancies from a selection of well established companies, is adding its voice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ warnings. It is reminding users to be work wise before travelling by carrying out a few simple checks. The site has a host of free resources dedicated to safe gap year travel including where to go, how to arrange a working holiday visa and how to stay safe while overseas. There is also a library of useful articles and a number of voluntary organisation profiles for those who want to volunteer rather than work during their year overseas.

Rebecca Jordan, Co-Founder and Director of Gapwork.com said, “Heading off to work overseas can be hugely exciting but we were pleased to see the Taiwanese government issue a reminder about gap year safety. Securing work can be difficult whether at home or overseas and with visa issues to contend with, it can be easy to fall prey to less scrupulous employers and individuals.

“First and foremost we’d recommended anyone who is excited about heading off to start their gap year to be certain they are acting ‘work wise’ by using web sites that are tried and trusted when looking for work or placements. Gap years are a chance to enjoy incredible experiences but, being on foreign soil shouldn’t mean throwing caution to the wind and taking chances you wouldn’t take at home.

The easiest way to ensure a working holiday is all that is described to be is to secure a position through a site like Gapwork.com which takes time to build relationships with reputable companies. As a specialist site, it has also worked with a host of volunteer schemes – meaning that animal conservation role in Africa or community development role in Asia are both as wonderful as they sound. 

Ms Jordan added, “We strongly recommend anyone heading off abroad to really do their research before they go, even if it has been a last minute decision after disappointing exam results. Take the time to study companies thoroughly online to see what other people are saying about them. Be sure that there is a phone number to call the company directly to speak to someone and find out if the programmes featured are suitable. Any good gap year organisation will be happy to do this and should also be able to provide case studies or reviews on request.”

When planning a gap year, it’s important to realise that working abroad is slightly different to volunteering abroad and the expectations of programmes where you work in return for payment will be different to those of voluntary placements, where you are paying the organisation to provide accommodation and structured activity. All of the terms should be clearly stated in the initial contact with the company in question.

Visas can also be a source of problems for some gap year workers. The Canadian government recently issued an advisory to anyone planning to apply for a Canadian working holiday visa cautioning travellers to be careful when using third party service providers who may make misleading claims and or charge for services related to visa applications. The easiest way to fall foul of working holiday visa scams is to take charge of the process as early as possible. The requirements differ from country to country, meaning those planning on visiting more than one place on a trip can be particularly vulnerable. Gapwork.com provides a complete guide to which type of visa is needed for which region – this can be accessed before the trip and during the journey for complete peace of mind.

To find out more about Gapwork.com and to access all of its work wise during a gap year resources, visit http://www.gapwork.com

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