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Libya Overland Trip Discount in July

Wednesday 1st June 2011

Celebrate the lifting of visa restrictions in Libya with offers on two Oasis Overland trips

Now that Libya has lifted visa restrictions for travellers from the Schengen states, Oasis Overland is celebrating by offering a discount on two of its Libya overland trips.

  • The Roof of Africa 21 day adventure through Tunisia, Libya and Egypt starting 5th July 2010 now costs £395 plus £240 local payment.
  • The Oasis Caravan 58 day adventure through Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Turkey starting 5th July 2010, now costs £895 plus £450 local payment.

The price includes travel by an Oasis Overland custom built expedition truck, all accommodation (camping and simple hotels/hostels), camping and cooking gear, approx. 70% of meals and the services of two Oasis crew.  The price does not include flights.

Travel is by overland truck with a group of travellers who all muck in with the shopping, cooking and cleaning the truck.  These trips are adventurous, sometimes unpredictable, hands on and generally not your average beach holiday!

Libya really is a unique destination, unspoilt by mass tourism and with a wealth of historical sites covering thousands of years of world history.  The Oasis Overland trips include the fortified granary at Nalut, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ghadames, Libyan capital Tripoli, the fantastically preserved Roman city of Leptis Magna, the ancient Greek city of Cyrene and World War II site Tobruk, as well as Mediterranean beaches and desert landscapes.