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Make a Positive & Lasting Change by Volunteering in Ghana

Wednesday 3rd August 2011

The Humanity Exchange Volunteer Kate Russell describes her experience of teaching in Ghana

Earlier this summer, Kate Russell worked as a volunteer teacher at a school in rural Ghana. She was engaged in a variety of volunteer experiences to help make a difference to the children of the community where she worked. During the school week she taught Class One at a school operated by the World Alive Mission Association, and being one of the few schools enjoying the use of a school bus, the school has children from surrounding villages in its classes too.

Not only did Kate teach the villages children she was also able to make assessments at the orphanage that was close to the schoolhouse. She found that bedding and food were inadequate and that there were no activities or provision for the children to do anything after school. With the help of Canadian donors she commissioned a new playground and extra supplies for the orphanage.  The old playground was rusty and unsafe but the village children continued to play on it as there was nothing else available to entertain them. Luckily a maintenance manager with Adamus Resources Ltd., offered to help rebuild the old and dangerous playground. He used leftover or scrap material found on site at the Adamus mine. Several employees assisted in constructing the playground in their spare time. Thus, the playground was created from essentially recycled materials, and at absolutely no cost to Adamus. Building a playground became a group activity which fostered camaraderie, a sense of belonging, and strong team bonds amongst staff who volunteered their time.

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Find out more about volunteering with the Humanity Exchange on their website.