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Making the Most of your Gap Year?

Monday 9th November 2009

Wesser offer paid UK work, subsidised travel abroad plus a CV and interview skills course.

Gap years are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with many wanting to take time out or a year off to travel, experience something new, do something worthwhile and have something noteable on their CV!
Wesser offers something entirely unique to the Gap Year market, a three tier gap year experience that offers paid work in the UK, subsidised travel abroad and finally a one day CV builder and interview skills course. All designed to be the difference to your future career.
A gap year experience through Wesser is like no other. Wesser are committed not only to the projects and charities they work with but also the personal development of each individual, this is why Wesser have developed their skills for life program.
STEP 1: WORK WITH WESSER IN THE UK; 10 weeks Fundraising on behalf of St. John Ambulance ... the opportunity to earn £2,500 ... plus an extra £1 for every £10 raised, all to fund STEP 2.

STEP 2: EXPLORE THE WORLD WITH WESSER PARTNERS; from the Andes to the Amazon to Conservation to Diving ... 300 projects in 30 countries, the world is truly yours!

STEP 3: HEAD START COURSE; after a life changing experience ... A tailor made career building course awaits & unparalleled access to opportunities with major blue-chip companies.

Let WESSER pay YOUR Gap Year.

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