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Massive Shortage of Volunteers in Tasmania

Saturday 25th June 2011

Pro Bono News reports today that Tasmania is suffering from a huge shortage of volunteers to help manage and run its community programs.

According to a new report more than 75% of ’not for profit’ companies say they need many more volunteers to be able to meet their community needs. The report found that "although volunteer numbers are generally being maintained or are increasing, nearly one third of Tasmanian organisations increased their number of volunteer roles in the previous two years and about the same proportion of organisations anticipate an increase in the number of volunteer roles of the next two years."

The report also says that in order to meet the demand for more volunteers, strategies for actively and effectively promoting volunteering and increasing the volunteering-rate in the Tasmanian community are needed. The report concluded this finding by saying it showed the importance of education and awareness-raising around volunteer participation in Australia itself. Many charities and not for profit organisations rely heavily on volunteers from the local communities, and from abroad.

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