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More Students are Opting for a Gap Year Instead of Higher Education

More Students are Opting for a Gap Year Instead of Higher Education

Friday 19th August 2011

Many younger students are putting off studies to avoid high levels of debt

There may be a rush for university places this year, and with A-levels results due today, lots of potential higher education students will be waiting anxiously to see if they’ve secured the place they wanted. Ucas has said that although the number of applications is up this year, the number of places available through clearing is static. Because competition for university places is high this year, many young people will instead decide to take a year out to travel the world, or gain valuable work and life experience while saving up for studies.

The Grimsby Advertiser reports today that many younger students who will have to pay the higher rate of fees of £9,000 from September 2012 for university courses, are deciding to take a year out to reconsider their options. Kyle Rojahn, 17, of Caistor, is studying sciences, history and sport at Franklin College and for the past two years he has been planning on becoming a paramedic but, due to the rise in fees, he is now unsure whether to aim for a better paid profession, or to take a gap year instead.
The new student fee structure will come into force in the academic year starting September 2012, but it is important to remember you do not have to pay up front. A graduate would have to earn an average of £48,850 a year for 26 years to pay off their debt in full. In reality, for many people this just won’t happen, and if the debt is not cleared within 30 years of graduation, it is written off. Taking a gap year can be one of the best life-changing solutions to choose.

There are hundreds of gap year jobs, voluntary placements and travel adventures to choose from for a gap year alternative to going to university. Just take a look at the organisations featured on Gapwork for some fantastic ideas.