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Not Going to Uni? - Alternative Career Routes

Thursday 25th March 2010

Deciding not to go to university can seem like a huge decision, but there are plenty of other options.

If you’ve already decided that starting a degree course straight after your A Levels isn’t the right thing for you, what are you other options? These days many careers do require a degree in a specific subject, but many now offer alternative ways to become qualified for the same role. Sometimes taking a gap year out to experience the world via travel, or embarking on a study course abroad, to build up your vocational and people management skills, can actually give you a the edge ahead of your competitors for a job.

The website ’Not Going to Uni’ lists a whole range of alternative career paths for you to choose.  It also lets you browse a large selection of current job vacancies, and courses that’ll help you decide what to do, instead of going to university. There’s also a good range of advice and guidance articles, available for different subjects, and general features about how to find a placement in an apprenticeship, or how to write your CV.

Take a look at the great resources available on the Not Going to Uni website.