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92 Day Adventure From Rio to Quito

Thursday 27th October 2011

Imagine spending 92 days travelling through the heart of South America, visiting off the beaten track beaches and venturing deep in to the Amazon Jungle. This is the first time that Oasis Overland has offered a trek through such remote and unexplored South American destinations, and this expedition is definitely for those who are looking for gap year adventure. So if you want to travel in South America, are open to experiencing some unchartered territory, and want to travel with an organised tour, then this could be the ideal trip for you.

Your accommodation includes camping in remote areas, sleeping in hammocks, basic riverboats on the Amazon to occasional local pousadas (guest houses) and hostels in cities.

This South American trip starts in Rio on the  14th Feb 2013, and ends in Quito 16th May 2013. It costs £2,395 + US$1,350 Local Payment. If you want to get started on your South American odyssey sooner, you can join it up with Oasis Overland's Quito to Rio via Patagonia trip which starts on the 26th October 2012. This trip offers a 29 week Quito to Quito trip right around South America. This trip costs £4,790 + US$3140 Local Payment.

Highlights of the 29 week trip include Brazil’s remote beaches, Salvador, Belem, a 4 to 5 day Riverboat Expedition on the Amazon River, a variety of National Parks with the chance to spot Tapir, Jaguar and Giant River Otter, Manaus, Angel Falls & Canaima, Cartagena and Bogota.

The advantages of travelling with an Oasis Overland tour is that you don't have to worry about booking transport or accommodation. All your travelling is taken care of in the Oasis Expedition Truck, and all your accommodation is included (approx 50% camping & 50% simple hotels or hostels). You won't have to buy cooking and camping equipment as that is provided. About 50% of the food will be provided by Oasis Overland and is prepared by the group, and the other 50% you pay for yourself, giving you the chance to try out local cafes, restaurants and food stalls. You will also have the experience of 2 Oasis Crew to call on, who will be with you on the whole journey to guide and support you.

For bookings, enquiries or a brochure go to Oasis Overland's dedicated page on Gapwork.com.