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Oasis Overland returns to Egypt and Tunisia

Tuesday 7th June 2011

From April, tours to Egypt start again

After the truly historic events of the last few weeks, Oasis Overland is returning to Egypt & Tunisia.  The adventure travel operator is resuming all Regional Explorer tours to Egypt from the beginning of April.  No changes are being made to multi-country Overland Adventures that travel through Egypt and Tunisia and these are scheduled to depart as usual throughout February and March.  
Oasis Overland crew are already returning to Egypt in order to prepare for upcoming trips and report that many tourist sites are open including the Giza Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings.  Tour leader Jenny Pullman says ’I met some tourists who said they were the only visitors at the Pyramids yesterday so it’s great for tourists who want to come here while it’s quiet.  It’s not so good for local operators at the moment who depend on tourism for their livelihood so they are very happy to see us again’.  
The adventure tour company currently has a group travelling through Tunisia on its 58 day Tunis to Istanbul overland trip.  Again, the crew report that there are few other tourists but they are not encountering any problems and have not had to alter their itinerary.  Overland trips departing Cairo for Damascus and Istanbul on 7th and 21st March will also run as scheduled through Egypt, travelling to Luxor, Aswan and Dahab.  However, overland trip itineraries are flexible and changes can be made if necessary.  
All clients who were booked on Egypt Regional Explorer tours during February and March are being offered a full refund or a transfer to a later date with no fees.  
Oasis Overland has a 4 star Sustainable Travel rating through AITO and was recently voted one of the top two overland companies in the UK by the Sunday Times.

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