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Oasis Overland’s trips through Syria

Tuesday 1st February 2011

Adventure travel in Syria

Adventure travel specialist, Oasis Overland is continuing to operate trips to Syria.  Their tour through Syria during the last week experienced no problems but with the safety of travellers and crew of utmost importance, the company is monitoring the situation closely and can amend itineraries at short notice, should it become necessary.
An Oasis Overland tour group spent last week in Syria as part of their Cairo to Istanbul overland tour.  The group’s tour leader Dave Hunt reported that their trip encountered no difficulties whatsoever: ‘The atmosphere has been good spirited in the major cities we have visited.  All our travellers are enjoying their time in Syria, which is one of the most hospitable and welcoming countries we visit on our travels.  This has not changed and the locals are still welcoming tourists with open arms and smiles on their faces.’  The group left Syria, crossing into Turkey yesterday.
Operations Manager, Mark Middleton is currently in Damascus. ’I haven’t felt in any way threatened by anyone during my trip to Syria – just the opposite in fact.  Yesterday in Aleppo I crossed the main demonstration area several times where people were marching with their flags and banners and they were keen to speak to me, to say hello and ask what I and people in the west think of Syria and President Bashar.  They were always very friendly.’
Oasis Overland continues to monitor the situation in the countries they travel to in this region.  The company’s itinerary through Syria takes in Damascus, Palmyra, Crac de Chevalier and Aleppo but does not include the cities of Dera’a and Latakia where the main protests are taking place.  They are in contact with tour crew in Syria on a daily basis as well as with local agents and partners and itineraries are flexible enough to be changed at short notice, should it become necessary.
The next tour runs from Istanbul to Cairo and starts on 23rd April 2011.

For more information please visit the Oasis Overland website.