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Oasis Overland Tours to Libya

Friday 18th February 2011

The situation in Libya has halted trips for now

Oasis Overland’s tour that left Tunis on 14th Feb and was due to travel through Libya has returned to Tunisia.  The group travelled to Western Libya last week and spent a couple of trouble-free days in Ghadames before driving back across the border to Tunisia.
The adventure travel company plans to return to Libya when it is safe to do so and currently all future trips are scheduled to go ahead, with the next departure on 8th June 2011.  However, decisions regarding the itinerary of future trips will be made closer to departure depending on the situation in Libya at that time.
All Oasis Overland travellers and crew on the current trip are safe and well and together they have planned a new itinerary to include extra sites in Tunisia - the island of Djerba, Sbeitla’s Roman ruins, the small coastal town of Tabarka, Ichkeul National Park and the most northern city in Africa, Bizerte, before flying on to Cairo.
Oasis Overland travellers currently in Tunisia are on the following overland trips:
Roof of Africa – 21 days Tunis to Cairo
Oasis Nomad – 42 days Tunis to Damascus
Oasis Caravan – 58 days Tunis to Istanbul
 Visit the Oasis Overland website for more information about these trips abroad.