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Yomps provide exciting, varied and challenging multi country 2 week to 1 year trips

Friday 27th August 2010

A Yomps overseas adventure is the perfect filler for a gap year abroad, career break or adventure overseas travel experience. Yomps run multi-country 2 week to 1 year trips combining adventure, training courses, exploration, volunteering, cultural experiences and more. Their highly experienced guides will take you off the beaten path and show you the experience of a lifetime.

Today there is a huge array of travel opportunities available for the gap year abroad markets. There are expeditions, volunteering organisations, training courses, adventure travel opportunities and much more.

What Yomps have done is picked the best of the bunch, packaged them together, used their contacts to make them the cheapest possible and found experienced international staff to run them safely and enjoyably but ultimately to offer you some amazing unique experiences as part of or as the whole of your overseas travel experience.

Visit their website today to find some of their latest Special Offers, including:

  • Latin America Community Teaching and Spanish - Volunteering Trip (6 months)
  • Horse Safari Work Experience, Zululand - Volunteering Trip (12 weeks)
  • Learn Spanish and Surf in Ecuador - Special (4, 8 or 12 weeks)
  • Malaria Prevention in Malawi - Volunteering Trip (2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks)
  • Mexico Marine Research Conservation (Beginners) - Volunteering Trip (2, 5 or 10 weeks)
  • Venezuelan 6 Month Explorer - Special (6 months)
  • Swiss Paragliding Instructors Course - Special (8 weeks)

Gapwork Gap Year Tips: Volunteering on your Gap Year

Choose a volunteer gap year and make a difference! Many of the organisations that gap year students volunteer to work with are charities. The work they do can range from sustainable development projects to conservation to community health initiatives. Because they are charities, the money you pay to go with them will often be in the form of a donation (they will suggest the minimum they require), and it is up to you to raise the money in any way you fancy. This means that the voluntary work you do for them and the money you raise is all going towards fulfilling the aims of each gap year organisation.

Deciding to join a voluntary project abroad or in the UK on your gap year will most likely result in you spending time with like-minded people, doing something you believe in, learning new skills, developing your confidence AND improving that CV!

Volunteering overseas or closer to home offers an incredible and enriching experience which can be part or all of your gap year, check out the companies in ouor Volunteering section for some great options.