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Queensland Floods: Travel Advice for Backpackers

Saturday 1st January 2011

About 60% of Queensland is currently submerged in water but is still open to tourists in many areas

Don’t be put off visiting some of the most beautiful parts of Queensland by the floods. Many of the best destinations for tourists are completely unaffected.

The latest advice from the Australian tourist board for travellers arriving there is to check the relevant travel news websites as you make your plans.

Queensland tourism destinations on the southern and northern coasts remain largely unaffected and are still open so you don’t need to avoid the area completely. In fact tourism will help the region to recover from the disasterous flooding, and if you were looking forward to a visit to Fraser Island on the central coast you still can.

Make sure your rail and road travel plans aren’t scuppered by the flood waters before you set off. Many roads are closed, and train travel has been limited across the state, but some of the best destinations are completely unaffected.

For more up-to-date information check out the Queensland Tourist Board website here.