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Research Local Customs Before You Leave Home

Tuesday 20th July 2010

Sound advice from the FCO to prepare for your trip

The FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) has a section of their website dedicated to offering advice to gap year travellers. This includes an article about how important it is to be aware of, and follow local law and customs when you’re in that country. The FCO advises that basic knowledge about the religion, day-to-day culture, and a few key words and phrases from the local language, will help safeguard you from causing potentially serious offence to people or unwittingly breaking local laws when visiting. Some knowledge of the country’s culture and customs will also enhance your gap year experience.

The FCO, and Gapwork, recommend that you read up about your destinations using a good guide book before you go. Make sure you find out about, and adhere to, laws relating to alcohol, drugs, religion, dress codes and photography, as well as knowing where the places are that you want to visit in advance.

The FCO has now got a Facebook page too to help you get all the latest travel advice easily.