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Seasonal Harvest Work in Australia

Saturday 31st July 2010

Pick blueberries from December to February in New South Wales

Tumbarumba Blueberries, NSW Australia have seasonal jobs available for the blueberry picking season which runs from late December to early February each year.

Tumbarumba Blueberries have 36 hectares of blueberries on 2 farms; both are within 8 kilometres of the town of Tumbarumba, New South Wales in Australia. Each year they have seasonal jobs available for a large work force of approximately 250, primarily made up of independent travellers, backpackers and gap year students from overseas.

The main focus of the business is high quality fresh blueberries; all fresh blueberries are hand harvested and hand packed. Harvesting of fresh fruit is a labour intensive operation and requires large numbers of pickers, with some packers also required.

Hand picking work often commences at approximately 8.00am each morning and concludes at 3.00pm to 4.00pm; packing shed hours are typically 10.00am to 6.00pm. Employment preference is given to people who are likely to stay for the duration of the harvest season.

Picking blueberries is not difficult with all work carried out from the ground. The blueberry bushes are not tall and are easily accessed. There are no thorns or impediments to the picker. The picking method is to pick into a 3 litre container tied around the waist of each picker. This allows the use of two hands. Important items for blueberry picking include enclosed footwear, long sleeved top and protection from the sun including a hat.