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Seasonal Jobs in South Australia

Thursday 9th September 2010

Temporary work available at Torrens Valley Orchard in the Adelaide Hills

Torrens Valley Orchards, situated near the township of Gumeracha, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and only 15 minutes from the gorgeous Barossa Valley need temporary workers all year round and gap year students, career break travellers and backpackers looking for short term jobs are the backbone of their workforce.

They have over 120,000 cherry and nashi trees and export the fruit worldwide. Workers can stay on-site in “hostel-like” accommodation.

Jobs available include: tree pruning all year round; bud thinning; fruit thinning; picking and packing plus general duties.  The busiest period is the cherry picking and packing season from December through to late January, when hundreds of opportunities for short or long term work are available. Even if you only have a few weeks to spare in the area and need a short term job, they would be interested in hearing from you.

Gapwork Gap Year Jobs Tips: Seasonal Work

Australia has a huge farming industry and harvesting and fruitpicking is a tried and tested form of backpacker graft. It can be hard work, it will not make you rich, but a gap year or summer working holiday spent harvesting and fruitpicking is a great way to see Australia. One of the reasons the Australian government is so keen to set up working holiday programmes with other countries is that there is a chronic shortage of workers to help with harvesting - so, if you are relatively fit and keen enough to spend all day in an Australian field, you should have no problem finding work come harvest time!

Spending at least 3 months on a farm or doing harvest and agricultural work will also allow you to spend more time in Australia! From November 1st 2005 it became possible to apply for a second working holiday visa which will give you 12 more months in Australia - as long as you have worked for 3 months within a primary industries position (harvesting, fruit picking, meat works etc).

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