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See More, Do More on your Gap Year

Saturday 10th October 2009

WAVA are a Work and Volunteer Abroad company specialising in opportunities for travellers for whom seeing is not enough

Whether you are taking time out from study, a gap year, or a career break from a busy job, WAVA, meaning Work & Volunteer Abroad, can help you turn your dreams into an experience of a lifetime!

WAVA provide adventure travel in over 20 countries and 50 destinations around the world - gap year, career break, volunteer work, paid work, teach English and language assistants.  Their origins lie in a department created in 2006 at Twin Group, a prestigious provider of educational, training and employment opportunities for individuals from around the world.

Established in January 2010, WAVA are a fresh, independent company, inspired by the values of travel: opportunity, adventure, emotion, sharing, learning and seeing.  They specialise in offering life-changing opportunities to travellers for whom seeing is not enough. They offer three broad types of travelling experiences: volunteering; internships; and paid working holidays.  They make these experiences possible through solid partnerships with highly reputable local providers, so you are always in good hands.

Many WAVA travellers are Gap Year students wanting to experience something different, and sometimes, aware that on a world scale they are comparatively fortunate, they are motivated to give something back, or to participate in a community or conservation project.  Others want to get work experience, and are attracted by internships or seasonal work. A growing segment of WAVA travellers are older, more experienced people, who want a break from the stressful pressures of work, and are excited by the idea of breaking away from their ordinary lives for a while to take a career break.  Whether you are taking a gap year, summer working holiday or career break, booking a programme with WAVA means booking with a knowledgeable and experienced team with good partnerships and a responsible travel policy.  Visit their website to learn more for yourself.