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Get seasonal work at the London event of the decade!

Thursday 9th February 2012

The Olympics 2012 is a massive deal for the UK, and London especially. There are many jobs available throughout the summer, and in the run up to the games, so now is an ideal time to register your interest in working at the Olympic Games, and the Paralympic Games this summer. 

Available jobs include hospitality, construction, guides, catering, working at the Olympic Village, ticketing, IT, logistics, security and more. If working in London, or any of the other Olympic locations, such as Cardiff, Coventry, Newcastle, Weymouth and Manchester appeals, then get yourself registered at summerjobs.jobsforthegames.co.uk, where you can leave your contact details and employee profile, which then gets submitted to contractors who are recruiting for the games. There are no deadlines for registering in the run up to the games as such, although the earlier you do it, the better. You can specify when you will be available for work, what kind of job you are looking for, and which location you would prefer to work in. 

Big events like the Olympics are a source of great summer, seasonal and temporary jobs for travellers. This year in the UK we have the Queen's jubilee weekend in June coming up and regular events such as Wimbledon. Keep an eye out on Gapwork.com for job tips and temporary work leads for gap year backpackers in 2012.